USA Taekwondo Association



Brief Benefits

It’s a fun and exciting way to work on fitness like strength, balance, speed, and endurance.  While instilling the disciplines of the Martial Arts like focus, respect, integrity, and self-confidence.  Add to this the benefits of learning valuable techniques for self-defense and prevention.

Family Activity

Taekwondo is an activity that the whole family can enjoy.  Whether it is for weight loss/fitness, discipline, or self-defense, everyone i the family can take part and enjoy their training.  And with our family classes offered twice each week, the whole family can train together and even at home, practice together.  Our motto is “families that kick together, stick together.”

Sport Taekwondo

An additional avenue of Taekwondo is the sport aspect.  For those interested in competition Taekwondo offers two main types:

Groogi (sparring – contact against another opponent) Local tournaments are lighter contact while National level tournaments may be hard or full contact.


Poomsae (forms – no contact individual, pair, or team performance) Perform set patterns of techniques and movements with judges scoring for most accuracy and power.